BOGO-FREE will be honest and transparent with our Users, Cooperative Partners, Advertisers and All Others with regard to how we operate, what we do and do not do and everything we believe to be of interest and/or concern by anyone using orm viewing our website and mobile apps platforms. To start, we have custom written all "Terms and Conditions" from scratch without an attorney, initially, however they will ultimately be reviewed and approved by our attorney so they are subject to being edited without notice. Secondly, we the Owners of BOGO-FREE are only human and we make no representation that we are perfect or that we know everything because we do not. Thirdly, we will add to these "Terms and Conditions" periodically to ensure our continued dedication to transparency and to make sure we protect our interests on all levels. Thank you for taking the time to read all of our "Terms and Conditions" and if you have any questions please email us at and we will be happy to elaborate and/or answer any questions you may have.

Prohibited Content

BOGO-FREE is a website (and eventually available in mobile app version) that has been designed primarily as a place where entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes can advertise, market and promote their "Buy One Get One Free" offers to others. Secondarily we allow content that is G-Rated for view by anyone Globally. Here is a simple, yet direct list of prohibited content that does not allow on its website or mobile apps platforms;

a.) Porn, Pornography, Naked Photos or Images, Links to Porn websites, Links to Downloads of any type of Pornography and anything deemed to be R-Rated or X-Rated in nature. This includes the sale/sell of pornographic and/or sex related products and services.

b.) No advertising or promotion of Children in any form or fashion, to include Sex Trafficing, Sex Trade(s), Human Trafficing or any other illegal activity related to the abuse, solicitation of or promotion of Children in any way.

c.) No Illegal Activities as defined by each geographic region being served globally as BOGO-FREE adheres to all applicable state and federal laws nationally here in the USA and whenever possible also adheres to the laws that govern other countries globally.

d.) No spamming or advertising or marketing of get rich quick schemes or any other "opportunity" legal or illegal that may have the potential to harm others or result in financial losses assumed or actual.

e.) No dating or romance content allowed on BOGO-FREE whatsoever as we are not a platform for that type of content and this includes suggestive and even seeming harmless flirtation or any other behavior that would be considered an attempt by any User to place ad(s) with dating text of anykind, image(s) or video(s).



Images and Videos

BOGO-FREE would like every use to know that while we respect your "Freedoms" under the United States Legal Guidelines, we will seonsor and/or remove any "Image(s)" and "Video(s) that contains content that is deemed to be inappropriate, illegal, sexual or sexually suggestive in nature, that shows nudity or that represents bullying or hate but we do not stop there. Using the latest technologies we will employ an automated system (using one or more versions of artificial intelligence) to regularly scan both image(s) and video(s) that are included in ads placed by our Users following a protocol we program into the technology to immediately remove content deemed harmful. Using basic logic most could agree that certain content simply is not appropriate on a website and mobile apps designed to allow our Users to advertise, market and promote their businesses, specifically buy one get one free offers as a priority so we will not engage in debate or arguments about our decisions. BOGO-FREE will not delete your account initially however repeated offenses will get your account limited and possibly blocked.

We "have to" protect our Users and any children that may visit our website or use our mobile apps. This is one of our priorities.

BOGO-FREE, as previously indicated, allows ads that are not "buy one get one free" in nature or content so we must monitor the content to ensure we maintain a fun, easy to use and safe space. If you have an image or video removed (or multiples of one or the other) please feel free to email us at and a member of our Team will take a look at your question or comment. Please note that based on our work flow we will do everything possible to reply promptly however in some cases you may not receive a reply until we are free to provide one and any inquiries that are belligerent will not be replied to and will be deemed abusive. Repeated belligerent and/or abusive emails will result in BOGO-FREE reporting the sender(s) to the proper Authorities. 

BOGO-FREE reserves the right to sensor and/or remove any form of content placed onto our website and mobile app platforms without notice and by choosing to use our services, you as a User unconditionally agree that we have this right and furthermore that Users may not demand any reversal of our authority to do so.

Image Limits: System approval up to 5mb in size per image.

Video Limited: Utilization of a redirect or mirror link allows BOGO-FREE to save on storage, however a 50mb bandwidth is maximum.

Limits are subjec to change by decreasing or increasing based on our evolution and the necessity to maintain a fast online environment.

Liability and Risk

BOGO-FREE does not, will not and never will assume or accept any form of "Liability" or "Risk" and furthermore does not guarantee the legitimacy, accuracy, quality, honesty or legality of any content placed onto our website and mobile apps platforms by our Users and is not responsible for any form of "Liability" or "Risk" that may occure. All User(s), by choosing to use our website and mobile apps platforms unconditionally agree not to hold BOGO-FREE liable for any form of liability or risk they assume and accept by placing and/or responding to ad(s) on our site(s).

Users are encouraged to "self-monitor" the ads they place and the ads they read and/or respond to.

BOGO-FREE's systems and AI (artificial intelligence) engages in 24/7 monitoring however if you want to report a misleading, abusive and/or scam related ad you may do so by emailing a copy of the ad to for our review. Emails sent to this email address will not receive a reply unless under extraordinary circumstances.

As a User in any capacity on our website and mobile apps platforms you unconditionally agree to our 0% Liability and Risk policy and promise not to hold BOGO-FREE liable under any circumstances or situations. Users who do not accept this policy are not allowed to use our website or mobile apps platforms. By using our website and mobile apps platforms, you the User voluntarily without hesitation or reservation waive your right(s) to pursue BOGO-FREE, its Owners and Associates in any manner legally be it civil or criminal in nature.

User(s) who are not willing to assume their own liability and risk without holding BOGO-FREE accountable are not allowed to use our website or mobile apps platforms.

Illegal Activities and Content

BOGO-FREE does not allow any type of content, image(s) or video(s) that include illegal activities or content and there are no limitations to our internal policies on this subject. If any User posts one or more ad(s) with illegal activities or content those ad(s) will be deleted and the Users account limited or deleted by our Administrators. Illegal activity of any kind is prohibited and BOGO-FREE reserves exclusive rights to determine what can be placed onto our website and mobile apps platforms so we alone control the classification of content as illegal. Additionally if a User is determined to be promoting illegal activities or content of any kind their contact information, to include the ad content for each ad, may be provided to the proper Authorities in an effort to support our initiatives to maintain a safe online space.

Any User who disagrees with our policies on Prohibited Content, Illegal Activities and/or Illegal Content should not use our services as we do not allow ad(s) that contain prohibited content whatsoever.

Your Data and Privacy

BOGO-FREE will not lie to our Users and in fact we prefer to be completely honest and transparent with our Users. As a User you must understand and accept unconditionally that BOGO-FREE is a "for profit" business and that our services provided to our Users have to be mutually beneficial for us so that we can make a profit. While we take the Privacy of our Users very seriously, we do intend to both; a.) sell data archived and/ot extracted from our platform to interested Parties with whom we form cooperative relationsips and even partnerships with and b.) we intend to allow multiple API (application program interface) protals between BOGO-FREE and other online platforms to the purpose of selling data as well as for cross benefit and cross promotions.

We ask that our Users understand that data sales is almost an absolute on all of the other social media platforms and while using your computer to search Google or any other search engine. Your data is no more at risk or open to the public by using BOGO-FREE than it already is online in a multitude of ways!

BOGO-FREE has a built-in database that allows us to store and archive data that can be extracted in part or in full for the use of creating a value. Most Users who use the and mobile apps platforms we provide "Want Their Information Made Public" otherwise they would not place ad(s) with us. We have not yet determined the way we will sell data however we are confident that data sales will allow BOGO-FREE to earn revenue.

Before you sign-up to place ad(s) onto our website or mobile apps platforms please only do so if you understand that; 1.) BOGO-FREE cannot protect your privacy, keeping it hidden from others online or through our data sales, 1.) BOGO-FREE will sell data to other Parties and your information may be a part of that sale, 3.) BOGO-FREE will archive data on your ad placing activities and under a court order may be required to provide that information to one or more Authoritative Bodies, 4.) BOGO-FREE has been honest and transparent about our intentions and 5.) Additional information relative to Your Data and Privacy may be added to this section of our Terms and Conditions without notification in advance so we recommend you read our Terms and Conditions often.

API Agreements

We encourage you to read the section of our website related specifically to API Agreements (click the link at the bottom of our Home page) to review what we are offering relative to Application Programming Interface.

When we enter into an API Agreement with any individual, business or other entity, BOGO-FREE will outline the specific terms and conditions of our expecations and the roles of responsibilities for each Part involved. This information may be different for each Cooperative Partner, Advertiser or Sponsor based on the specific results being sought after collectively.

BOGO-FREE will however, unconditionally and irrevocably, owns the content/data uploaded to our website and database through any form of ad placement and API integration upload, and we furthermore transparently state that this data may be sold as part of our "for profit" revenue generating initiatives. While this same thing is being done in almost ever case where an API Agreement exists between others, BOGO-FREE is open, honest and transparent about this fact.

Additional information may be added to our API Agreements section at anytime.

No-refund Policy

BOGO-FREE has a no-refund policy that all Users must unconditionally agree to in order to use our platform.

Initially placing ads are free so there is no issue with a refund however when BOGO-FREE transitions into paid ads, Users must acknowledge and agree that we will not offer any form of refund whatsoever.

In the event that any User pays for an ad and that ad is removed for violation of our Terms and Conditions and/or is deemed to be inappropriate content where as the User paid for the ad placement, a credit may be requested by emailing and is subject to approval. This is not a guarantee of a credit or refund however BOGO-FREE will consider it on a case by case basis.