What We Offer

BOGO-FREE has created our datasbase and platform to easily and quickly provide API (applicagtion programming interface) access enabling our Cooperative Partners, Advertisers and Sponsors to do three primary things;

1.) The ability to list one or multiple buy one get one free offers and choose the Categories and/or Sub-categories one time, then submit for posting in multiple cities based on the parameters you choose, eliminating the need to place individual ads in each desired location.

2.) The ability to buy data from BOGO-FREE and extract that data based on the parameters set forth in our agreement.

3.) The ability to establish search and link tracking under an Affiliate Program or other initiative.

BOGO-FREE's classified ads platform and database has been designed to allow multiple APIs with pre-determined protocols that we can custom create for our Cooperative Partners, Advertisers and Sponsors individually based on their desired access type. From placing multiple ads in one easy step to extracting data that is detail specific our API Agreements are mutually beneficial for those we do business with.

Safe and Reliable

Our Cooperative Partners, Advertisers and Sponsors do not have to worry about cyber security, liability, risk or loss because our In-house Team monitors each API we establish day and night. In a moment's notice, any aspect of our API access portal, data transfer type, parameters and protocols can be managed, updated, changed and stopped to ensure that BOGO-FREE caters to the desires of those we do business with.

BOGO-FREE's In-house IT Team can set everything up for you or work directly with your IT Team to make sure the API access has the parameters in place that are desired.

Our API Agreements are custom designed for each Cooperative Partner, Advertiser and Sponsor individually and we welcome your inquiries to info@bogo-free.com for a prompt reply.

Free Demo in Minutes

Contact any member of our CBDT (core business development team) such as Johnny, Lee and John and we will be very happy to walk you through a free DEMO on how a specific aspect of our API Agreement will benefit individuals, small to large businesses and others. We will show you how easy it can be to place bulk ads in multiple categories and sub-categories as well as multiple Cities, States and even Countries to promote your buy one get one free offerings.

To ensure our site is not overloaded with the same ads from just a few people, we will limit this feature of our API to one upload per week, however there are few limitations.

AN EXAMPLE: You are a Retailer and you have multiple "Buy One Get One Free" offers that you want to promote on BOGO-FREE. Through your API access, you login, upload the text, photos/images and video, select the categories and sub-categories, select the locations you want the ads to appear in and submit one time.

There are other features we can incorporate such as Affiliate tracking, etc...

Contact info@bogo-free.com to learn more or to request a free DEMO on this API feature.